Centre Manager

My name is Anne Snowden and I am the Manager of Magnolia Tree Childcare Raglan as well as being part of the teaching team in Maunga Teitei.

I have been here for nineteen years after working one year at Raglan Kindergarten and finishing four years of training at University of Waikato to attain my Bachelor of Education.

I have a passion for working with younger children because they are so amazing and show us all how to learn and keep on learning, challenging and expecting new experiences all day every day.

I have a amazing family of four daughters, two son in laws and five grandchildren with one Pop who lives in my house, frequently seen at Christmas in a red suite shouting HO HO HO.

My not work hours are spent being involved in many volunteer groups, Lions, Swim Club, Reserves Advisory Committee but mainly in the Raglan Surf Lifesaving Club where I have been a member for over 20 years and held many positions in the Club. I also enjoy reading and have a passion for becoming a rock star who plays ukulele when I grow up.